The Maryland Board of Pharmacy became the 4th state to accept NCDQS QAS Accreditation or Inspection program as part of their licensing requirement as of their October 21, 2020 meeting. 


The Maryland Board of Pharmacy has required out-of-state applicants to be eligible for reciprocity or accredited by a Board-recognized accrediting program. To be eligible for reciprocity, applicants must be located in a state with requirements that are substantially equivalent to Maryland’s requirements – including requirements for Transaction History (pedigree), routine inspections, security measures, and a prohibition against operating in a residence. Reciprocal applicants must submit a copy of an inspection report issued by an agency in the state of residence completed within the previous two years, but they need not be accredited. There are currently 17 states that qualify for reciprocity. 

If companies are not located in one of those 17 states, the applicant must hold Accreditation. Other than the NCDQS QAS Accreditation program, current Board-recognized accrediting programs include the Joint Commission, ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Home Care), NABP Drug Distributor Accreditation, and CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Program).


 The Iowa Board of Pharmacy implemented their NABP Drug Distributor Accreditation (DDA, fka VAWD) in March 2020, after legislation was passed in 2018 (read our previous article on it here). However, Iowa began accepting NCDQS Accreditation as a part of a temporary waiver to the NABP DDA requirement, because timelines for NABP DDA could be so extensive, in some cases 24+ months even for reaccreditation. 

 Currently, Iowa is looking to codify this waiver through the rulemaking process (see Iowa rulemaking/public comments here). Of note is the industry push to have Iowa accept NCDQS QAS Accreditation as a full alternative to their NABP DDA requirement. 

Kansas and Nebraska

Kansas and Nebraska Boards of Pharmacy currently accepts NCDQS QAS Inspection in lieu of a recent resident state license for out-of-state license applications.


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