Case Study: Puerto Rico Product Launch for a Virtual Manufacturer

Registration & Licensing

Registration is accomplished by filing a certificate of authorization at the Department of State to do business. Our qualified Puerto Rico office associates will make all your registration frustrations melt away.


● State Filings with the Departments of State & Treasury

● SUT Treasury Filing

● Controlled Substance Licensing

Representative Agent

Authorized and registered by the Department of Health to represent a manufacturer or distributor of medicines in their marketing, without storage, distribution, or dispensation.


● Manufacturers and distributors of prescription products, OTC products, and devices containing active ingredients

● Controlled Substances

Product Registration

Authorized and responsible for requesting and obtaining registration for client operations on the island so they can sell worry-free.


● Prescription or OTC products and devices API

● Controlled Substances

À La Carte Services

Puerto Rico plays by its own set of rules. Luckily, we have their playbook. Let’s make some winning plays together.


● Senior Consultant

● Junior Consultant / Administrative Services