Primary Market Research & Analysis for Generic Manufacturers

On-Site Pharmacy & Client Inspections and General DEA Compliance Audits

Real-time Information for Generic Manufacturer on Market
Pricing and Reimbursements

Through our extensive network of independent dispensers and healthcare providers, Five Rivers RX is able to answer specific market questions on product strategy surrounding market availability, pricing, and reimbursements.

Trends and analysis:
Prescriber molecule usage
Market availability
Reimbursement overview, retail and institutional setting
National average analysis and specific state-by-state survey of pharmacy pricing
Government, PBM, and insurance payor analysis
Outlook and conclusion on availability

In Spring of 2017, “Zegrid” (Omeprazole Sodium Bi-Carbonate) went generic and manufacturers were rushing to earn market share for the drug. Five Rivers RX was engaged to create a snapshot for Omeprazole Sodium Bi-Carbonate in August 2017 that would help the Virtual Generic Manufacturer decide whether or not to enter the market. Our analysis showed a highly volatile market spanning reimbursements and pricing which concluded in our suggestion against entering the market. Within 90 days, market pricing continued to plummet, finally settling on just 30% of the original market price which was 200% of the manufacturing cost.