NABP / Optum Rx VAWD Lawsuit

NABP / Optum Rx VAWD Lawsuit

Three generic drug wholesalers, Oak Drugs (“Oak”), Matrix Distributors (“Matrix”), and Primed Pharmaceuticals (“Primed”) are challenging Optum Rx’s VAWD Requirement. The plaintiffs have recently received encouraging news from the U.S District Court for the District of...
NABP Violating DSCSA, Lawsuit Pending

NABP Violating DSCSA, Lawsuit Pending

Companies are starting to line up for a class action suit against the NABP, potentially reaching over 50 organizations across the United States.   Background on the VAWD Standard It is VAWD standard that companies are “regularly establishing that prescription drugs...

NABP’s Potential Double Standard

In this week’s post, we explore how the NABP is potentially setting a double-standard as it applies its rules to the Big 3 versus independent distributors. ABC and Walgreens Tie-Up: In a press release dated March 19, 2013, AmerisourceBergen Corporation (ABC)...

NABP Launches VDIP Accreditation for OTC Suppliers

NABP launched VDIP Accreditation for diagnostic over-the-counter (OTC) medical devices on 9/23/16. VDIP Accreditation comes on the heels of the recent OptumRX policy change that requires prescription drug distributors to hold VAWD Accreditation. OptumRX claims the...
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