To support the pharmaceutical supply chain by providing actionable guidance and excellent administrative services with a focus on client care across Compliance, Commercial & Quality solutions.


Businesses in the pharmaceutical industry are required to comply with a wide range of state and federal regulations related to the DEA and FDA.  In addition, many companies must adhere to VAWD and VDIP standards in order to be accredited. Let us be your guide to navigate today’s complex regulatory environment. 


Does your company need help with business strategy, market research, or data analytics? We have experience helping our clients make well-informed business decisions. By working with us, your company will be able to move forward with confidence in the right direction.


Five Rivers RX helps manufacturers through all aspects of quality. We tailor our services to your unique business requirements and objectives to enhance your company’s operational excellence and mitigate risk all  while maintaining cost-effectiveness. 


Does your business need help with Suspicious Order Monitoring? NavigateSOM is our cloud-based SaaS solution to ensure compliance with the DEA’s SOM rules and regluations.

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The Importance of Giving Back

Each year Five Rivers RX selects a non-profit to donate to that supports an important cause. This year we selected to donate to RX Outreach, a charitable non-profit located in St. Louis, MO.​

Rx Outreach’s goal is to improve the lives of individuals in their community by providing affordable medications and health education to those in need. They assist over 70,000 people across the nation who battle both poverty and chronic illnesses each year.

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Innovative Approach with Best In Class Service

We have the necessary tools and expertise to help you properly manage your expansion or your next project. Through a dynamic partnership with our clients we develop engaging business strategies and high quality, scalable solutions.​

We provide comprehensive solutions that promote quality and security in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Our services span Federal and State requirements including State Licensing, VAWD Accreditation, DEA Compliance and more.

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