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Five Rivers RX promotes the quality, security and integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain through consulting and administrative solutions that leverage innovation, expertise, and technology.  We are hyper-focused on client care and meeting client objectives.

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The Importance of State Compliance

Navigating the intricacies of state licensing can be challenging and often lead to businesses wasting valuable time and money. Keeping track of each individual state’s requirements proves difficult but is essential to remain in good standing with each Board of Pharmacy. Many companies often fall down a rabbit hole trying to solve their own compliance needs, and as a result, business growth is stunted.

Five Rivers RX offers our expertise to eliminate any loss of productivity or money, as well as in fostering the legitimacy of your company’s operations. Entrusting us with your compliance maintenance allows you to focus on the growth of your business, uninterrupted.

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Innovative Approach with Best-In-Class Service

We have the necessary tools and expertise to help you properly manage your expansion or your next project. Through a dynamic partnership with our clients, we develop engaging business strategies and high quality, scalable solutions.​

We provide comprehensive solutions that promote quality and security in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Our services span federal and state requirements including state licensing, VAWD accreditation, DEA compliance, and more.

Industry News

Morphine Equivalency for Suspicious Order Monitoring

Morphine Equivalency for Suspicious Order Monitoring

Background In July 2016, at the height of the opioid epidemic, the West Virginia Attorney General’s Office and the West Virginia Board of Pharmacy came together to develop a calculator that converts opioid dosage amounts to a standard, comparable measurement. The...

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Shipping Office Stock vs. Prescriptions: $15M Case Study for Omnicare

Shipping Office Stock vs. Prescriptions: $15M Case Study for Omnicare

Omnicare, a leading provider of closed-door pharmacy services, agreed to pay more than a $15 million civil penalty for allowing opioids and other controlled substances to be dispensed without a valid prescription. The fine zeroes in on a common issue amongst pharmacies – discerning between office stock and shipping pursuant to a prescription.

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